3 Ways Artificial Intelligence will benefit the Cannabis Industry.

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First off, no robots will not take over and start consuming your weed. Secondly, artificial intelligence will help lead an industry that has been stigmatized by the past for so long into an industrious future. Here are 3 ways Sà Wea Luxury Inc. plans on utilizing artificial intelligence to introduce a luxurious high to cannabis connoisseurs.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of computers/machines to perform tasks that usually people perform. For example, the ability to learn, make decisions and solve problems.

AI works via special software and includes algorithms and technologies (such as unsupervised and supervised learning) that allow machines to learn from experience and adjust their actions without human intervention.

Artificial intelligence aims to take actions that have the best chance of achieving a specific goal. Now imagine this software impacting the cannabis industry. Sá Wea Luxury Inc. has a plan to do great things with AI.

1. Precise BudTenders

Most budtender positions require an advanced level of knowledge about strains, for instance, Sativa versus Indica and their effects. However, sometimes a budtender may show a strain bias based on the experienced high, possibly slowing down the selection process. This bias can leave room for error- AI will eliminate this issue. Whatever is being done well today, can be done better tomorrow. In these environments, AI-driven robots can make meaningful contributions to process improvement from the day they are deployed. Sá Wea would utilize AI-driven robots to help cultivate and tend selected strains without bias or delayed processes.

2. Personalized strain/product recommendation.

Sá Wea will utilize AI software, to identify patterns in ongoing cannabis selections and apply insights gained to drive better recommendations. This will help users of our application receive personalized strain recommendations (morning, noon, and night). Imagine, waking up to notification for Peach Cobbler Kush to brighten your day. Another advantage the Sá Wea application will have is the ability to gather data- data that can be used in predictive marketing. Predictive marketing will help pinpoint the precise time to market our ancillary products, where customers will be receptive to our catalog. This gives Sá Wea Luxury Inc. an edge over the competition, those still using traditional marketing methods.

3. Advanced Sales

AI will revolutionize sales by taking over the repetitive tasks of finding and sorting leads, monitoring the required orders, and communicating with customers and potential customers. Being in the cannabis industry, receiving a lead is hard (this is due to the various platform regulations against cannabis advertising) AI algorithms will be used to help make great business predictions. AI algorithm could also tell you what the ideal discount rate should be for a 3.5 gram on the east coast vs. the west coast.

Sá Wea Luxury Inc. utilizing AI technology to revolutionize the cannabis industry is really the best thing since sour kush.

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