4.20.21 Launch Day

It was a sunny NYC afternoon- alternate street parking rules were in full effect, and George Floyd’s case verdict was just announced (Guilty). As a solo founder, I’ve come to love/hate the term “solo”- as I lugged my folding table across Broadway ave. There is no “I” in a startup, and on this day I could’ve really used a team pep talk- especially as I prepared a 4:20 giveaway and product display. This was my first interaction with potential customers, and I was a ball of nerves clothed in courage.

Although nervous — I could sense a sigh of relief in the air, one that only justice could provide. As I greeted passerby’s, I heard a distant shout from a passing car- “Support black business, we got justice today!!”. I thought “wow” this is truly a sign of the times; here I am a young black woman holding a cannabis ancillary giveaway in Soho (Post- NYC Legalized Cannabis Law), promoting the launch of my technological company Sa Wea Luxury Inc. in 2021. It was truly inspiring to see the crowds slowly start to gather and show support for what I envision as revolutionary.

As the day came to an end, I felt empowered and more alive than ever- because I finally took the leap. I launched, my dreams, goals, a legacy for my daughter, the new luxury of Africa, a stigma disruptor, a brand of diversity, and true inclusion. I launched Sa Wea Luxury Inc on 4.20.21.

Handmade Rolling Trays & Grinders W/ Ashtray

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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