Meet Welee, the Founder and CEO of Sà Wea Luxury Inc., the first-ever all-in-one cannabis recommendation and luxury ancillary application. Born in Atlanta, GA, raised in New York City, she’s a first-generation Liberian- American the last girl of 16 siblings. Growing up in Park Hill (Wu-Tang District) a low-income neighborhood of Staten Island, NY, she witnessed early the injustice of criminal convictions minorities faced daily. Overcoming the financial struggles of a single-parent home, she continued her education, earning a B. A from Morgan State University in Philosophy pre-law. This is where she learned to be a leader, campaigning for a university-wide policy change including a December Commencement- which was accepted and made into a new policy. Her fight to pioneer change was imprinted into her career becoming an HRIS analyst, specializing in HR systems integration and implementation. This experience landed her many technical roles inside illustrious fashion houses, igniting the question of where the luxury cannabis market is. Being a cannabis consumer, she was unable to find luxe products that match her aesthetic of a young working professional in New York City. The further she searched she also realized, there were no tailored cannabis apps on the market to help her find new strains- everything was very informative, but not personal. It was during this time that the idea of Sà Wea was conceptualized, as an application every cannabis connoisseur millennial will utilize.

The time is now- after her childhood years of experiencing casualties of the war on drugs, and the perception it cast on the minority community, the stigma of cannabis consumers had to be changed. Marijuana is a plant that individuals of all backgrounds enjoy, yet minorities are penalized at an alarming rate from the associated stigma- thus the idea of a global cannabis luxury brand founded by a minority made sense. Representation matters in a time like now, where decriminalization of cannabis is at an all-time high.

Working to implement this dream into fruition, she utilizes her technological skills in designing the cannabis app. Researching the best way to deliver personalized recommendations with artificial intelligence. Welee is looking to introduce the cannabis industry to a new wave of consumers, with an application so predictive and precise in recommendations. Not only is she a technical founder but the designer of the exclusive Sa Wea bespoke smell-proof pouches. Bespoke pouches that will include gems mined from her family’s mining factory in Liberia. This will give the luxury edge that the cannabis industry needs to facilitate the change in perception of its users. The tides are changing and Welee is pioneering Sa Wea, a company that will highlight the luxury and ease in adult recreational cannabis use.

At the age of 30, she has already secured first-round funding on a solo mission, she’s on a path to reconstruct the cannabis industry as a minority founder with great global resources. Sa Wea will revolutionize the thought that cannabis consumers are indeed in tune, with luxury and that luxury can be manufactured out of AFRICA. Contact for more information about our cannabis app.